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How to split a package?

I another thread I said:

>Having recently taken over maintaining sawfish, I ran lintian -I on it
>and got
>I: sawfish: arch-dep-package-has-big-usr-share 4848kB 90%

and said also that I'll work on splitting that off.

So ... do I just move /usr/share/* to the _all.deb package? Obviously
not, since I must keep at least /usr/share/doc/sawfish, but what else
do I move?

/usr/share/locale/*/*.mo ?
/usr/share/man ?
/usr/share/info ?

Tha arch-dependent package will Depend: on the arch-indep one, so
having those files on the -indep would not cause trouble, but, still,
it kind of feels wrong to separate them, even though they clearly are
arch-indep files.

And, another question, should the -indep package Depend: on the -dep
one? Its files are, on the whole, useles without it, but I don't
really understand if it's right to have such interdependency.


Rodrigo Gallardo
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