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When to split a package?

Having recently taken over maintaining sawfish, I ran lintian -I on it
and got
I: sawfish: arch-dep-package-has-big-usr-share 4848kB 90%

which refers me to
> ... However, if the size of the data is considerable, consider splitting
> it out into a separate, architecture-independent package
> ("_all.deb") ...

Now, I plainly see that in this case 'the size of the data' is
'considerable' and will work on splitting the package. But ... is
there some sort of general guideline on when to do this?

Creating more binary packages certainly has some sort of cost (The
size of the packages file, at least). How do I estimate those costs? 
How do I estimate the savings gained from splitting? 
(number of archs) * (size of _all.deb)?

Rodrigo Gallardo
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