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Re: How to split a package?

"Luis Rodrigo Gallardo Cruz" <rodrigo@nul-unu.com> wrote in message 20060704013357.GI3181@caribdis.nul-unu.com">news:20060704013357.GI3181@caribdis.nul-unu.com...

IANADD, and have no comment or answers for the first part.

And, another question, should the -indep package Depend: on the -dep
one? Its files are, on the whole, useles without it, but I don't
really understand if it's right to have such interdependency.

No. the -indep package sould only reccomend the -dep package.
Depending on it would create circular dependecy, and that can cause
quite a few different little problems.

Other information:
Normally the dep package will keep the same name. So it need not list the older version in depends or replaces. However as Kapil explained, the indep package (normally named $packagename-data) should conflict with the older packages,
as well as replace them.

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