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Re: best practices for dependencies version in new package

On Sun, Jul 02, 2006 at 08:56:57PM -0300, marciotex@gmail.com wrote:
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> Hi.
> Scenario. Package is new (no version uploaded yet). Dependences is
> determined: dpkg-depcheck and pbuilder was used. But these tools not
> help task determine dependences version. So, what best practices for
> dependencies version in this package? 
> What I did already: look bug reports for Dependencies.

Shared library runtime dependencies will happen automatically with the
shlibs system; when compiling against a shared library, its
/var/lib/dpkg/info/$p.shlibs file lists the packages and versions
providing compatible interface.

For other packages, you'll likely just keep track of interfaces
provided only by new versions.  You might consult with your upstream,
if you're looking for version-specific stuff they use.  Often it is
just the maintscripts and rules that you'll be familiar with.  For
example, sed -i is available only in version 4, so sed (>>4.0).

What are you build-deps, and do you have any deps other than shared


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