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use of xvfb-run in pbuilder builds

Hello All:

I am trying to use xvfb-run to permit pbuilder to build some packages which need to connect to X. In both cases, if I do a local build with dpkg-buildpackages, the connection to the xvfb server works fine, however it fails in pbuilder. In one case, it is a perl-tk module which tries to open a window to run tests:

xvfb-run /usr/bin/make test
"couldn't connect to display \":99\"

In the second case, it is a python package which successfully connects to X initially but then there is a failure. I know this because if I don't try to use xvfb-run, the failure occurs _before_ any compilation happens.

xvfb-run python2.3 ./setup.py build
lots of compilation ensues ...
/usr/bin/xvfb-run: line 158: kill: (23268) - No such process

Are there any suggestions or can anyone point me to a package that successfully uses xvfb under pbuilder?



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