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Re: Procedure for adopting a package?

George Danchev wrote:

On Sunday 02 July 2006 23:53, Bartosz Fenski aka fEnIo wrote:
From the bug reports you've filed against calcurse it's clear to me that
you probably are the perfect person to maintain it, so in the final
analysis I have no issue with you becoming the maintainer.  But like I
said, I thought there was a process regarding adoption.
Please don't feel offended. I tried to contact you several times and
I hijacked this packaged because I couldn't do that.

In such cases you better document your intentions in BTS, since that:
- will leave public records of your trials to reach the maintainer.
- will prevent (or coordinate) duplicate hijack efforts if the package had been really in bad shape and this was the last resort in the light of better maintenance. Hijacking is not necessary a bad thing[tm] imho if done with respect&care.

While it is true it might help coordinate efforts, there is no need to "leave public records" of his effort to contact Ryan. I have had emails to Ryan bounce too. It is a courtesy to
send emails and I am glad to hear that Bartosz did attempt to do that.

We have a problem when maintainers are MIA and I respect when a DD makes a judgment call. The tone of Ryan's message seemed appropriate and there is a good explanation for what transpired. I hope Ryan fixes the email issue so that he receives all these messages
in the future.


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