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Procedure for adopting a package?

Hello Mr. Fenski

As the maintainer of the package calcurse (at least until yesterday) I
was surprised, both good and bad, this morning to check my email and
find that a new version of calcurse has been uploaded to Debian.

I was surprised in a good way because the upload of version 1.4 was
overdue and is now complete.  That's great for the users of calcurse.
The delay in packaging the update was entirely my fault and had to do
with personal circumstances.  My personal problems aside, it's great
that a upload of calcurse occured to get the unstable package

I was surprised in a bad way because with the new upload of version 1.4,
I see that I have been replaced as the maintainer of the package.  I
thought that there was a process, at least informal and out of courtesy
if not actually formal, where someone desiring to take over a package
would contact the present maintainer and ask if he/she would be willing
to part with the package.  Either the present maintainer would agree
and give up the package or not agree and hopefully invite the person to
either co-maintain or assist with the package in some other way.

Please let me know if I've misunderstood the adoption process.  I
absolutely love the Debian project and look forward to contributing my
time and effort to it in the future.   However I must admit that I'll
think twice about packaging software in the future if there is indeed a
policy where a DD can simply take over maintainence of a package without
even sending me a courtesy email.

>From the bug reports you've filed against calcurse it's clear to me that
you probably are the perfect person to maintain it, so in the final
analysis I have no issue with you becoming the maintainer.  But like I
said, I thought there was a process regarding adoption.

Ryan Coyner

Ryan Coyner   http://bakakaba.com

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