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Re: Procedure for adopting a package?

On Sun, Jul 02, 2006 at 12:11:36PM -0400, Ryan Coyner wrote:
> Hello Mr. Fenski

> As the maintainer of the package calcurse (at least until yesterday) I
> was surprised, both good and bad, this morning to check my email and
> find that a new version of calcurse has been uploaded to Debian.
> I was surprised in a good way because the upload of version 1.4 was
> overdue and is now complete.  That's great for the users of calcurse.
> The delay in packaging the update was entirely my fault and had to do
> with personal circumstances.  My personal problems aside, it's great
> that a upload of calcurse occured to get the unstable package
> up-to-date.
> I was surprised in a bad way because with the new upload of version 1.4,
> I see that I have been replaced as the maintainer of the package.  I
> thought that there was a process, at least informal and out of courtesy
> if not actually formal, where someone desiring to take over a package
> would contact the present maintainer and ask if he/she would be willing
> to part with the package.  Either the present maintainer would agree
> and give up the package or not agree and hopefully invite the person to
> either co-maintain or assist with the package in some other way.

I tried to contact you several times. Mails sent to your address were
bouncing all the time. I contacted your sponsor and talked about it with
him. As a conclusion we decided that I can hijack this package.
> Please let me know if I've misunderstood the adoption process.  I
> absolutely love the Debian project and look forward to contributing my
> time and effort to it in the future.   However I must admit that I'll
> think twice about packaging software in the future if there is indeed a
> policy where a DD can simply take over maintainence of a package without
> even sending me a courtesy email.
> From the bug reports you've filed against calcurse it's clear to me that
> you probably are the perfect person to maintain it, so in the final
> analysis I have no issue with you becoming the maintainer.  But like I
> said, I thought there was a process regarding adoption.

Please don't feel offended. I tried to contact you several times and
I hijacked this packaged because I couldn't do that.

Feel free to reupload calcurse with you in the maintainer line again. I'm
willing to sponsor your upload if you want.

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