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Re: Procedure for adopting a package?

* Ryan Coyner [Sun, 02 Jul 2006 12:11:36 -0400]:

> However I must admit that I'll think twice about packaging software in
> the future if there is indeed a policy where a DD can simply take over
> maintainence of a package without even sending me a courtesy email.

No, there isn't such policy. To all effects, the calcurse 1.4-1 upload
was an unannounced hijack, which are not allowed in Debian at all (dev-ref

I can certainly understand the feelings of a DD who cares for a package
if they think that the maintainer (particularly if not DD) is not doing
a good job at it. However, I've always dealt with this situation by
offering help to the original maintainer, in whichever way was
appropriate (eg. co-maintainership if the maintainer just lacks time
sometimes, or mentoring and sponsoring if the package is not in well

I would expect the rest of DDs to do the same.

> But like I said, I thought there was a process regarding adoption.

Confirmed. And thanks for bringing this to our attention in such a
polite manner.


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