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Re: new package with an epoch

* Carlo Segre <segre@iit.edu> [2006-06-27 07:12]:
> I am planning ot upload a package which I have been maintaining 
> for a local archive for several years already.  I intended to 
> keep the old changelogs as a record of the work that has been 
> done on the package, however there is one problem.  During the 
> time I have been packaging this and making it available on my 
> repository, the upstream author changed package versioning in 
> such a way that I had to apply an epoch.  Would it be better for 
> me to just drop the old changelogs and the eopch for the first 
> archive upload?  I will risk breaking upgrades for the current 
> users (I really don't know how many there are) but it might be 
> cleaner from the Debian point of view.

This is exactly what the epoch is for so keep it with the 
Regards Nico
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