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About the libraries shipped with the sources of a package.

Dear all,

I am packaging Treeview X (GPL) and the upstream tarball contains also
the TreeLib (LGPL) and the Nexus library (GPL). For the moment,
Treeview X is statically linked to them, just as what is done when
building by ./configure && make.

The binary package does not contain the libraries per se, but bits and
pieces of them in the binary program. If I understand correctly, I will
have to mention their licences in the copyright file.

Is adding something like this appropriate?

  "Treeview X is statically linked to libfoo, and libbar. Libfoo (c) MrFoo
  1999 is distributed under the terms of the GPL, and libbar (c) MrBar
  1998 is distributed under the terms of the LGPL" (adding extract and link
  similar to what is already done for the GPL in this file)

Do I need separate statements for the statically linked binary file and
the full sources of the libraries in the source package?

I also wanted to know wether these libraries were already distributed in
other source packages, but packages.debian.org did not find anything.
But is it searching the sources packages as well ?

Lastly, I am wondering wether packaging the libraries separately would
be useful if Treeview X would be the only program to use them (in
particular, I know that packaging libraries are not recommended to
beginners in the art of packaging).

Have a nice day,

Charles Plessy,
Wako, Saitama, Japan

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