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Re: RFS: urw-garamond -- scalable PostScript font from the Garamond family


Kevin Bube <k.bube@web.de> wrote:

> The defoma-hints and scale files are indeed quite tricky. I modified the
> scales file by hand as the font itself declares all shapes as medium, so
> fontscale duplictes all fonts. I will reread the docs and rework the
> defoma-hints.

OK. BTW, since the defoma hints file contains the XLFD names of the
fonts (those known to X11), I generate the .scale file from the defoma
hints file in lmodern, using a sed script run at package build time.
Maybe you'd like to do the same.

> Do you think the name 'urw-garamond' should be changed at all, since
> Ralf pointed out that 'URW Garamond' is not usually connected with
> urw garamond No. 8? Maybe the package should be named 'urw-garamond-no8'
> then?

Yes, after rereading Ralf's comment, I think 'urw-garamond-no8' would be
a better name.

PS: your forgot to Cc Ralf; he is in the Mail-Followup-To header...



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