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Re: RFS: urw-garamond -- scalable PostScript font from the Garamond family


Kevin Bube <k.bube@web.de> wrote:

> Hi mentors,
> I am looking for a sponsor for the urw-garamond package (ITP #367223).
> It builds cleanly with debuild and installs and works with
> unstable. This is my first attempt for a Debian package so comments are
> very welcome.

Your package is generally correct on the technical side, but there are
some problems to solve with upstream before it can be legally
distributed. Quoting the license of the upstream work (that of (URW)++
Design & Development, found in the PUBLIC file from

,----[ PUBLIC ]
| 1. Licenses.
|    Licensor hereby grants you the following rights, provided that you
|    comply with all of the restrictions set forth in this License and
|    provided, further, that you distribute an unmodified copy of this
|    License with the Program:
|    [...]
|    (b)
|           You may modify the Program, create works based on the Program
|           and distribute copies of such throughout the world, in any
|           medium.

The current distribution of the fonts on CTAN, as well as your package
on mentors.debian.net, are in violation of this clause: a URL is clearly
not "an unmodified copy of this License".

,----[ PUBLIC ]
|                If you have modified the Program, you must cause the Work
|                to carry prominent notices stating that you have modified
|                the Program's files and the date of any change. In each
|                source file that you have modified, you must include a
|                prominent notice that you have modified the file,
|                including your name, your e-mail address (if any), and the
|                date and purpose of the change;

AFAICT from Walter Schmidt's README.garamond, one should find Ralf
Stubner's traces in some .pfb files (and I think also in the .pfm and
*maybe* also in some .afm files). I cannot find such traces. But:

  % for f in *.pfb; do t1disasm "$f" | grep -i stubner; done

And now, for some other comments (those that are not legally binding).

1. You should Build-Depend on debhelper (>= 5.0.31), defoma (>= 0.7.0)
   and tex-common (>= 0.16) (have a look at the changelog files for
   these packages if you want to know why these versions are needed).

2. You're missing a dependency on defoma (>= 0.5.0) (have a look at your
   postinst script).

3. I'm not a native english speaker, but I would modify the Description
   field this way:

--- /tmp/a      2006-05-26 15:50:56.000000000 +0200
+++ /tmp/b      2006-05-26 15:55:55.000000000 +0200
@@ -1,6 +1,8 @@
-Description: scalable PostScript font from the Garamond family
+Description: scalable PostScript fonts from the Garamond family
  The URW Garamond No. 8 font family is URW's version of the Garamond
- typeface. It consists of scalable PostScript Type 1 and comes in normal
- and bold series. Both series are available in upright and italic
- shapes. . The fonts are setup for use with the TeX typesetting system.
- They are also integrated into X11.
+ typeface. These scalable fonts are shipped in the PostScript Type 1 format
+ and feature normal and bold series. Both series are available in upright and
+ italic shapes.
+ .
+ The fonts are setup for use with the TeX typesetting system. They are also
+ integrated into X11.

4. I believe you should put the full upstream URL in debian/copyright,
   just as you did in README.Debian.

5. debian/copyright:

     Note: the files in the ugm.zip archive are located in the directories
                     ^^^^^^                    ^
                from the upstream            those
     doc/, dvips/, fonts/ and tex/.
                       in the .orig.tar.gz file.

   Also, what does "e.a." mean?

6. The full texts of the Aladdin Free Public License and the LaTeX
   Project Public License must be quoted in debian/copyright (Policy
   § 12.5).

6.2. AFAICT, Ralf Stubner is one of the copyright holders, but is not
     listed in the relevant section.

6.3. Well, please revamp this file:

       This package was debianized by ...
       It was downloaded from <full url>.

       Work #1

       <Copyright statement>
       <License statement>
       The full text of $license is included at the end of this file
       (appendix $i).

       Work #2

       <Copyright statement>
       <License statement>
       The full text of $license is included at the end of this file
       (appendix $i).


       Appendix A -- Aladdin Free Public License

       <quote the PUBLIC file here>

       Appendix B -- LaTeX Project Public License

       <quote the latest version of this license>

     I identify the following works:
        - the font files (copyright holders: (URW)++ Design &
          Development and Ralf Stubner, AFAICT);
        - the TeX support files (copyright holder: Walter Schmidt);
        - the debian packaging (copyright holder: at least you).

7. About debian/package.docs: this should be debian/urw-garamond.docs,
   but I suggest to get rid of this file and instead list the two
   documentation files to be installed on the dh_installdocs command
   line in debian/rules (this avoids having to look at a gazillion
   two-line files when reviewing the package).

8. There are many problems in your urw-garamond.defoma-hints file.
   At first glance:

      - confusion in the Weight attributes;
      - X-FontName not in accordance with your urw-garamond.scale;
      - you should be using FaceNum and Inherit since you declare
        multiple charsets in the .scale file;
      - Direction is missing.

   Please read /usr/share/doc/defoma-doc/developers.html/index.html.
   You can also have a look at /etc/defoma/hints/lmodern.hints, which
   is not authoritative, but only the result of my interpretation of
   that document.

The following comments are all about debian/rules:

9. You have "SHELL = /bin/bash". What is it useful for?

10. DVIPSCONFIGSRC=$(CURDIR)/dvips/config

    The contents of this directory is useless for teTeX 3 installations
    (as documented in README.garamond). You install the map file in the
    wrong place for recent TDS (as followed by teTeX 3). It should go
    into <texmf>/fonts/map/dvips/ugm/ instead of <texmf>/dvips/config.


    Get rid of these and substitute the correct values in the dh_*
    command lines.

12. The build-stamp target and file are really useless.

13. In clean, you use "-rm -f". Please remove the first hyphen. It could
    hide real errors.

14. The "dh_installdirs $(X11DST)" is feeling lonely. Merge it with the
    first dh_installdirs call to save one Perl process per build. Same
    thing with "dh_installdirs etc/X11/fonts/X11R7/Type1".

15. The build will fail whenever the expansion of "$(CURDIR)" contains
    spaces. You should use double quotes at several places.

16. I don't like backquotes in shell scripts. I prefer the $(...)
    construct. My arguments are exposed here:


17. I don't like long lines (> 79 characters).

18. lintian says:

      E: urw-garamond source: declares-possibly-conflicting-debhelper-compat-versions rules=5 compat=5

    and he's right. Remove the setting from debian/rules.

19. lintian also found the first problem I reported:

      E: urw-garamond source: missing-dh_installxfonts-build-dependency debhelper (>= 5.0.31)

    Are you using an old lintian?

If you fix all this, I'll sponsor the upload.


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