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Re: RFS: courierpassd

Charles Fry wrote:
> My fault for copying the paragraph from the webpage focusing on
> courierpassd, and skipping some important introductory information that
> also applied to other similar tools (courierpasswd and courieruserinfo).
> Here is an updated long description, which hopefully underlines the
> difference between courierpassd and poppassd:
>  Courierpassd works with the Courier mail server user authentication
>  mechanism to allow changing a user's password from across a network. It
>  uses the same protocol as poppassd to obtain user IDs and passwords.
>  This can be used, for example, to allow users to change their passwords
>  from within various webmail programs.
>  .
>   Homepage: http://www.arda.homeunix.net/store/
> Said in another way, this package is meant to work with courier-authlib,
> which may manage passwords in a way that is inaccesible to poppassd.
> I apologize for the confusion which ensued from my lack of a proper
> introduction of the package.

No problem.  I just wanted to make sure that effort was not being
needlessly duplicated.  Though, the fact that poppassd can use PAM makes
it quite flexible, IMO.  However, I can understand the need/desire to
have a tool specifically designed to interact with a particular mail server.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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