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Re: RFC/RFS: griffith -- A film collection manager

Yaroslav Halchenko (debian@onerussian.com):
> > It is lintian clean but linda returns warnings about having
> > files in /usr/lib directory. Since they're python files,
> > I see no problem with having them in there, am I right?
> From
> http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/python-policy/ch-programs.html
> "
> If the private modules would pollute the name space in sys.path, the
> modules should be installed in /usr/lib/package (for architecture any)
> or /usr/share/package (for architecture all). In this case, the
> directory should be added to sys.path at the program startup. 
> "

Sorry for delay, I had some problems with SVN on BerliOS.
All *\.py files were moved to /usr/share and new package (0.5.1+snv20060228-1)
is finally lintian AND linda clean.

Can you check if everything is OK?

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