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RFS: elvis - powerful clone of the vi/ex text editor


I've prepared a new maintainer upload of elvis and it is available

(If someone agrees to sponsor this I will of course up the version to 

As I explained in my ITA the reasons for adopting this package are:

	* The package *may* be dead upstream but the editor
	  is pretty complete so perhaps not serious changes
	  other than bug fixes are reqd.
	* elvis-console is a serious contender for a "good" vi
	  that is slightly superior to "nvi" (it has syntax coloring
	  and split windows) but is not significantly larger (445400
	  vs. 360760). See the thread:
	* After this upload there will be no open bugs.
	* Elvis should continue to rock :)
	* I use it and have used it since my Minix days. Hey! Since
	  it was in Minix maybe even Linus has used it :)

Thanks and regards,


 Package: elvis
 Section: editors
 Priority: optional
 Provides: man-browser, www-browser
 Source: elvis
 Description: powerful clone of the vi/ex text editor
  Comes in two versions with/without X11 support.

  Elvis is a clone of vi/ex, the standard UNIX editor. It supports
  nearly all of the vi/ex commands, in both visual mode and ex mode.
  Elvis adds support for multiple files, multiple windows, a variety of
  display modes (including syntax highlighting, man, tex, html and
  hex), an X11 user interface (optional), on-line help,
  folding, spell checking, new options, auto commands, regions, enhanced
  tags, printing, aliases and an improved :map command.
  Like vi/ex, Elvis stores most of the text in a temporary file,
  instead of RAM. This allows it to edit files that are too large to
  fit in a single process' data space.
  Also, the edit buffer can survive a power failure or crash.
  Homepage: http://elvis.vi-editor.org

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