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Re: Remove an ITP

Hi, Claudio.

On Dec 22 2005, Claudio Moratti wrote:
> I sent, some time ago, two ITPs: vamps (#320067) and k9copy (#320045)...

Right.  Since your first announcement here, I was quite pleased to know
that there was someone maintaing packages of these programs. I would
really love to see them in the Debian repository.

> Packages are ready, but vamps can not enter in Debian, because the
> upstream author don't want to make public his real identity (now in
> debian/copyright I've a "Vamps Admin <email>", but this solution does
> not follow the Debian Policy....

If the author is really reachable via that e-mail, I'd think that it
should be OK, but, unfortunately, I haven't read the sections of the
Policy regarding legal issues and I am certainly outdated on these

(Right after I wrote the paragraph above, I went to read the Policy
sections 2.3 and 12.5 and I don't quite see a problem regarding an
upload of these programs under a pseudonym).

Am I missing something here? Please, educate me? Perhaps forwarding this
to debian-legal would be a good thing?

Thanks for packaging the programs anyway, Rogério.

Rogério Brito : rbrito@ime.usp.br : http://www.ime.usp.br/~rbrito
Homepage of the algorithms package : http://algorithms.berlios.de
Homepage on freshmeat:  http://freshmeat.net/projects/algorithms/

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