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Re: Remove an ITP


* Claudio Moratti <maxer@knio.it> [051222 11:29]:

> Packages are ready, but vamps can not enter in Debian, because the upstream 
> author don't want to make public his real identity (now in debian/copyright 
> I've a "Vamps Admin <email>", but this solution does not follow the Debian 
> Policy....

What do you mean by this?

Reading Policy "12.5 Copyright information" I see:

	"It should name the original authors of the package and the
	 Debian maintainer(s) who were involved with its creation."

Note the *should*.  Not a must.  Read this as "it would be nice if you
name the original author, but if you can't it's okay, too".

Yours sincerely,


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