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Re: Remove an ITP

On Thu, December 22, 2005 20:01, Rogério Brito wrote:
>> Packages are ready, but vamps can not enter in Debian, because the
>> upstream author don't want to make public his real identity (now in
>> debian/copyright I've a "Vamps Admin <email>", but this solution does
>> not follow the Debian Policy....
> If the author is really reachable via that e-mail, I'd think that it
> should be OK, but, unfortunately, I haven't read the sections of the Policy
> regarding legal issues and I am certainly outdated on these issues.
> (Right after I wrote the paragraph above, I went to read the Policy
> sections 2.3 and 12.5 and I don't quite see a problem regarding an upload
> of these programs under a pseudonym).

I'm pretty convinced that the anonimity of the upstream author shouldn't
be an issue. We never check the identity of any upstream author, so any
name could be a pseudonym, and some definately will be, only this author
is open about it. We already have such software in the archive, such as

It's probably best to send this issue to the debian-legal though to get
some more advice. But in any case I wouldn't close the ITP because of this
reason right now.


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