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Re: [RFS] freeloader: a nice Gnome download manager written in python and supporting torrents

Le vendredi 16 décembre 2005 à 19:52 +0100, Thijs Kinkhorst a écrit :
> Hello Julien,

Many thanks for your feedback.

> Here's some more feedback, I hope it's useful.
> > Added in SVN [1], I'm waiting for other comments before building another
> > package.
> You must not install the reportbug hook if you're going to make the
> package part of Debian proper, since that will circumvent the BTS.
That was clear. I added it as I already use this package (and thus make
it available in my repository). I removed it.

> You might want to raise debhelper compatibility level in file
> 'debian/compat' to 5, since it's the most recent. Only drawback is that
> that version is not in sarge, it makes backporting a very tiny bit
> harder.

> The debian/copyright file misses years, like this:
> Copyright 2005 Mr Potatohead.
Done. Good example :-)

> In the man page you write "This manual page was written for the Debian
> system by Julien Valroff <julien@kirya.net>.". Although not required, I
> find it good custom to add "but may be used by others" to it.

> Your changelog doesn't close RFP bug #337598 (which would better have
> been retitled to an ITP by you).
Done, just forgot to do it!

> Good luck with your package!

I will build a new package with your suggestions, as well as the
comments I have just received from Clément.


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