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Re: [RFS] freeloader: a nice Gnome download manager written in python and supporting torrents

Hello Julien,

Here's some more feedback, I hope it's useful.

> Added in SVN [1], I'm waiting for other comments before building another
> package.

You must not install the reportbug hook if you're going to make the
package part of Debian proper, since that will circumvent the BTS.

You might want to raise debhelper compatibility level in file
'debian/compat' to 5, since it's the most recent. Only drawback is that
that version is not in sarge, it makes backporting a very tiny bit

The debian/copyright file misses years, like this:
Copyright 2005 Mr Potatohead.

In the man page you write "This manual page was written for the Debian
system by Julien Valroff <julien@kirya.net>.". Although not required, I
find it good custom to add "but may be used by others" to it.

Your changelog doesn't close RFP bug #337598 (which would better have
been retitled to an ITP by you).

Good luck with your package!


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