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[RFS] freeloader: a nice Gnome download manager written in python and supporting torrents


I am looking for a sponsor for freeloader, a Gnome download manager that
supports torrents, written by Steven Grafton.

Homepage: http://www.ruinedsoft.com/freeloader/

The package is almost linda/lintian error free, except a warning caused
by a python script without any she-bang line. I don't know if it is
worth overriding this.

I had to make use of dpatch because:
* some modules checks failed if run without screen (build-dependencies
are ok as I built the package with pbuilder)
* the default shared data directory is /usr/shared/freeloader-0.3 (I
just removed the version)

Signed sources and i386 binaries:

SVN: https://svn.kirya.net/listing.php?repname=freeloader


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