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Re: Debian Packaging Guide/Tutorial

On Fri, Nov 11, 2005 at 02:25:18PM -0500, Derek The Monkey Wueppelmann wrote:
> I've been playing around with packaging up some of my projects for
> debian. I have gotten it to work, but I'm still having problems
> understanding some of the features that are available (for instance it
> took me forever to learn about the .config file).
> Is there any kind of tutorial or guide that explains all of the debian
> packaging system,
Not really, I don't think, since there isn't a single cannonical
packaging system.  Policy dicates some things, like that control and
copyright must exist, and that rules must be a makefile.  Other than
that, you are on your own.  You can pick and choose what tools you use
(and thats supposed to be a good thing!).

> which files do what,
Probably best to read the dh_* manpages for this, as debhelper is the
typical (?) packaging system.

> how to make upgrades go smoothly wihtout always removing then
> installing the package?
Well, much of this is package specific.  What exactly is the problem?

A sufficiently generalized piece of documentation would be great,
though.  Suggestions for content: conffile handling (dpkg.org),
maintscripts (debian women? I don't fully grok these yet!), and
upgrade handling with eg. split packages and Replaces.

Clear skies,

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