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Re: RFS: ksudoku -- sudoku puzzle generator/solver

On Friday 11 November 2005 18:55, Ryan Schultz wrote:
> On Friday 11 November 2005 03:45 am, Christoph Haas wrote:
> > - The orig.tar.gz differs from the upstream tarball. It's just a
> >   rename of the directory inside and the admin/CVS directory is
> >   removed. It's a religious issue but I would rather leave the
> > original upstream archive intact. The CVS wouldn't show up in the
> > final package anyway.
> Changed; lintian will complain now, though :- )

That may be ugly but I think changing the upstream tarball is even worse.
Perhaps you can convince the upstream to remove the CVS from the release 
tarballs. It really doesn't belong there.

> > - You patched ksudoku-0.3/doc/en/index.docbook. Would that be better
> >   solved through dpatch?
> Upstream will be including an updated index.docbook in the next release
> (there is active development), so I didn't think it was necessary to
> break out the patch management systems just yet.


> > - A 'desktop' file would be nice in addition to the 'menu' file.
> >   (Don't forget to call dh_desktop.)
> I'm not sure what you mean; a desktop file is installed as part of the
> upstream source, /usr/share/applnk/Games/ksudoku.desktop. I've added the
> call to dh_desktop, though I don't understand what it does -- the
> manpage is short and I have no application called
> update-desktop-database *shrug*.

My bad. Indeed there is a ksudoku.desktop file which is installed. IMHO in 
the wrong place though. It should be located in /usr/share/applications 
instead. (Although I admit I don't know where that's properly documented 
in the policy. Perhaps someone else has a pointer.)

dh_desktop calls the update-desktop-database command from the 
desktop-file-utils package (if installed) through the maintainer scripts 
of your package. It's use is to tell e.g. KDE that the menu structure has 
changed and the *.desktop files have to be reloaded. Otherwise KDE 
wouldn't show a menu item of your newly installed package unless you 

> > - Some debhelper calls (like dh_link) are not needed.
> Removing dh_link will cause a lintian error about relative symlinks,
> actually...

Hmm. Appears like the "make install" creates a symlink with an absolute 

ln -s /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/common \

And dh_link fixes absolute symlinks to relative symlinks when needed:

./usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/ksudoku/common -> ../common

So dh_link is indeed important here. Leave it there.

Let's fix the desktop issue (or prove me wrong once again) and I'll happily 
upload it. :)

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