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Re: [RFC/RFS] adm8211-source - driver for ADMtek wifi card

> Upstream author list hotplug among its requirements.  Trying without
> hotplug/udev was the first thing I did after reading Paul's comment,
> but I didn't managed to get it working (my test setup is cardbus, as
> you suspected).  It seems faily typical - it's also mandatory for
> ipw2100-source, which was my template.

If hotplug is mandatory, then it's mandatory for firmware loading, not
for actual module installation. ie. modprobe can load the module as
easily as hotplug, but modules using firmware_class (which should be all
of the drivers that need non-DFSG firmware) call hotplug or some other
firmware-loading userland agent to get their firmware

udev in unstable can now substitute for hotplug when loading firmware,
but looks for the firmware in /lib/firmware, not
/usr/lib/hotplug/firmware as hotplug (specifically firmware.agent) does.
Happily, udev Provides: hotplug so you don't yet need to worry about
that for pacakaging purposes, although if you put the firmware in a .deb
file then it _does_ matter. (Or at least so the changelog of udev
implied to me)

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