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Re: Oracle 10g installer anyone?

Op ma 24 okt 2005 om 07:20:36 -0700 schreef Alex Nauda:
> I'm working on an Oracle installer package that automates the prep
> work and installation of the latest 10g R2 release for Linux x86. 

Man, that rocks!  Me and my colleagues very well might be among your
first users.

> I'd also appreciate some guidance in determining where to install
> everything.  There are two main components in a typical situation:
> 1. The ORACLE_HOME software tree itself
> 2. The data files for the database (assuming the user opts to create
> a starter database, which is normal to do)
> I was thinking of installing in /opt -- on the surface it seems to be
> compliant with FHS.  The database files themselves (if on the fs
> rather than raw devices) would then logically go to /var/opt.

Looks like a fine choice to me.  At my work, we've tar-ed up a client
installation and unpack it under /opt/ .

If you're clear about the nature of the intrusive edits you make to
/etc/ stuff in the package description, the installer will be useful to
many.  Imho it will even be useful _before_ you're finished doing
everything as it should be done, with debconf and stuff.



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