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sysinfo upstream tarball problems


I am packaging sysinfo (#333680) and I have some problems with the
upstream tarball.

Upstream contains (limited list):
several .Po files

This is all cleaned up in the upstream distclean (which is called from
debian/rules clean), but Lintian complains about it anyway:

W: sysinfo source: configure-generated-file-in-source config.log

How can I resolve this without an override?

Furthermore I had to rerun automake because the original Makefile
installed extra doc files under /usr/doc/sysinfo. Is this the correct
solution or should I remove the files after running upstream make?

I know most of this should be handled upstream, but for now I will have
to provide a solution as a patch. So I would really appreciate some

The package and source files are available here:

Thanks a lot in advance,
Adriaan Peeters

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