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Re: RFS: wmfire

Hello *,

On Fri, Sep 30, 2005 at 11:24:12AM -0400, Charles Fry wrote:
> I adopted wmfire earlier this month, and now have a new upstream release
> packaged and ready for upload. My original sponsor is busy at Berkeley,
> so I wondered if anyone here might be interested in sponsoring wmfire?

I'm interested in sponsoring this. How busy do you think Joshua is,
i.e. are you searching for a one-time uploader or a long-term sponsor?

After taking a short glance a few comments on your packaging, all
minor, though:

- you've committed some changes that aren't listed in debian/changelog,
  like adding Homepage in debian/control, adding debian/watch or
  dropping debian/wmfire.1 in favor of upstream's new manpage
- a Build-Depends on libgtk2.0-dev will automatically pull in libxt-dev
  and libx11-dev
- using cdbs will cause upstream's AUTHORS file to be included in the
  package, yet all info contained therein is already in debian/copyright
- should upstream's ALL_I_GET_IS_A_GREY_BOX be included?

Some other issues are raised by a lintian and linda run, how do you
estimate their respective severity?


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