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Re: Sponsors and the Uploaders field (was: RFS: dict-freedict ...)

Re: Thaddeus H. Black in <20050930153415.GA1431@b-tk.org>
> Pierre Machard wrote:
> > Do not worry if I set my name as uploader, so that it's easy for me to
> > track packages I am sponsoring.

The PTS does perfectly suit this, and you can even subscribe to a
package before it is in the archive. There is no need to add yourself
to Uploaders unless you really want to co-maintain the package.

> On debian-project[1], Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> > Here's what I want (if anyone is interested - so far I have only
> > experied hostility when I offer my weird non-sponsoring help to
> > outsiders wanting packages into Debian):
> > 
> > A requirement that the Maintainer field always either matches an entry
> > in the Debian keyring or the email ends in "@debian.org" (so that
> > group-maintained packages at Alioth - where at least one in each group
> > must be a DD - is also allowed).
> > 
> > A requirement that latest changelog entry must match the person signing
> > the package for upload to the archive.
> If every Debian sponsor were required to do what Pierre suggests, would
> it solve the problem Jonas raises?

I guess yes. Apart from that the Debian keyring contains keys, not
email addresses. (Yes, there are userids on the keys...)

> (The question is not really meant to propose a new policy.  It is just a
> question, to help me to understand the issue better.)

I fail to see why where that proposal would help. (If you want to know
the actual uploader, check the signature on the .dsc.)

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