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multiple dh_make runs

On Thu, 29 Sep 2005, Justin Pryzby wrote:
dh_make is a tool which is to be used precisely once for each package,

dh_make can be run multiple times on the same source tree if there is need to customize the debianisation. See:


Ya, ok, it is a bit dated, kinda terse, and the man page looks like it would benefit from a touch up. I'll have a look at it and ask Craig to update my email address.

What I would really like to do is move the code which resolves the substitution values, into the templates themselves...

[think: the potential for fully automatic customised debianizations]

Why I haven't done it: don't know Perl; radical change in what dh_make is capable of, probably best if the result not even be called "dh_make"; only recently acquired the computing resources to do more than barely keep up with what going on; and generally, still too big and scary a project for me <shrug>

- Bruce

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