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RFS: calcurse - A text-based calendar


I'm looking for a sponsor this nifty console-based calendar.  It's
simple and straightforward, which is just what most of us need to keep
our complex and twisted lives in order.

It's linda/lintian clean and I've built it successfully within a
pbuilder sid chroot.

Source files are at:


I've also listed it at sponsors.debian.net at:


Many thanks for considering and reviewing this package.  Ryan

Name:       calcurse
Version:    1.0rc4-1
Section:    utils
License:    GPL
ITP:        Bug #328780

Description:   CalCurse is a full-featured calendar and todo list for
the console which allows you to keep track of your appointments and
everyday tasks.  CalCurse has a nice textmode interface with
configurable color schemes, configurable layout and Vi-like keybindings.
Last but not least, an online help system is included.

Ryan Coyner   http://bakakaba.com

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