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Re: RFS aldo - A morse code trainer

On Tue, Sep 13, 2005 at 12:32:36AM +0200, Christoph Berg wrote:

Thank you Joost, with your suggetsion I revised all autotools support,
also I changed the foolish directory tree in a more simple directory tree.
So I rewrited Makefile.am and fixed autotools support. I released aldo-0.6.11.
And now aldo-0.6.11.tar.bz2 and aldo-0.6.11.tar.gz are builded with make distcheck.

> I've had a look at the package:
> * please use a real name in the changelog


> * your Build-Depends look overly restricted.

Fixed but lintian didn't complain about libc6-dev.

> * Description:
>   - the license/operating system does not really matter here

Fixed :)

>   - the Koch method could use an explanation

Ok, I will write something.

>   - on the other hand, "read from file" explains itself

Fixed :)

>   - "With this exercise you can train receiving randomly generated
>     callsigns.

Fixed :)

> * debian/copyright lists only you, but some files have
>   "improved : Bob Harrington" - did he contribute much, i.e. does have
>   a copyright on that files himself?

Bob sent me two patches.
The first patch changes two files random.cpp exercise.cpp.
The second patch add autotools support. 
Now I widely rewrited autotools support the only file 
with Bob copyright is bootstrap. 
Would someone get copyright on a file, if he patches that file?
How I have to change copyright file? 

> NB, how does aldo compare to the other morse programs (apt-cache
> search morse) in Debian?

In Debian there are two morse code trainer:

unixcw - Shared library for Morse programs
pileup - Morse code pileup trainer for SB compatible soundcards

the others morse programs aren't morse code trainer but they use morse code:

cwirc - X-Chat morse plugin
cwdaemon - morse daemon for the parallel or serial port
tlf - Console mode purpose CW keyer, logging- and contest program
bsdgames - a collection of classic textual unix games
codegroup - Convert any file, including binary, into 5 letter code

Aldo vs. pileup

Training in pile-up, aldo doesn't support this mode yet.

Aldo vs. unixcw

unixcw is a library. It has more frontends:

xcwcp - frontend to unixcw
cw - frontend to unixcw
cwcp - frontend to unixcw

aldo has only one interface.
(aldo-0.7.0 has more frontends text, gtk,...).

unixcw has control on soundcard mixer.
Both aldo and unixcw use OSS. 
(Aldo-0.7.0 uses only ALSA, but I didn't release it yet.)

Aldo is organized in exercises and aldo verifies these exercises giving a vote.

unixcw is at version 2.2 
aldo is at version 0.6.11

> The difference was basically the order in which letters where added to
> the alphabet. You should probably make that user-configurable.

It is just user-configurable by Setup menu.

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