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Re: RFS aldo - A morse code trainer

Re: Giuseppe Martino in <20050912185054.GA21282@mithrandir.dakordnet.org>
> On Mon, Sep 12, 2005 at 01:44:14PM +0200, Christoph Berg wrote:
> > The proper way to fix that is to ship a bootstrapped .tar.bz2.
> Ok, I replaced every link with a copy of its normal file
> (`config/install-sh' `config/mkinstalldirs' `config/missing' `./COPYING' & Co.)

Ok, it does compile now. (But have a look at Joost's suggestion anyway
for next time.)

> > The last CW course I held lies now several years back, but still a
> > point from a teacher's view: starting with "e,i,s,h,t,m,o" is not the
> > optimal thing. Start with characters that are more distinct. I don't
> > have my old instructions here, but the characters were mixed, even
> > with some numbers in between, iirc.
> Well there are a lot of morse learning methods.
> Aldo implement also Koch method.
> Would you describe your method? I can code its in aldo.
> Futher I'm working on a programmable aldo  (I'm going to use GUILE) 
> so everybody could implement his method with a GUILE-Scheme script.

The difference was basically the order in which letters where added to
the alphabet. You should probably make that user-configurable.

I've had a look at the package:
* please use a real name in the changelog
  (lintian: W: aldo source: changelog-should-mention-nmu)
* your Build-Depends look overly restricted. (Why >= x.y for all
  packages?) libc6-dev is listed twice.
  (lintian will complain about libc6-dev when you fix that).
* Description:
  - the license/operating system does not really matter here
  - the Koch method could use an explanation
  - on the other hand, "read from file" explains itself
  - "With this exercise you can train receiving randomly generated
* debian/copyright lists only you, but some files have
  "improved : Bob Harrington" - did he contribute much, i.e. does have
  a copyright on that files himself?

NB, how does aldo compare to the other morse programs (apt-cache
search morse) in Debian?

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