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Re: RFS: auctiongallery -- Generates picture galleries and HTML templates for auction descriptions

That's exactly what I did. I checked how other packages do the rules
file and it helped me a lot. Now I have a completely working Debian
package. It builds perfectly with debuild. As soon as I update my
software to 0.9.2 I will release the next Debian package.

Bruno Barrera C. wrote:

>On Fri, 2005-08-12 at 21:52 -0700, Stan Vasilyev wrote:
>>Thanks for the comments. I already know how to use debuilder for C++
>>programs that install via ./configure, make and install. But my program
>>is a simple script and it doesn't have any of that. I will try to figure
>>out how to package it the Debian way.
>>1. The command line options should be a piece of cake.
>>2. I had that idea but I couldn't figure out how to do that. The
>>"source" thing looks promising.
>>3 and 4. I will look into removing Bash dependency
>Well, for example, some packages of desktop themes just contains
>configuration files and images, they don't have configure, make, etc. I
>highly recommend you to check out other packages.

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