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Re: depending on a customized library

On 5/18/05, Hubert Chan <hubert@uhoreg.ca> wrote:
> Well, I'm trying to compare the single-threaded libgc against the stock
> libgc that is in Debian, so for my baseline, I'm not going to do
> anything that Ryan doesn't do in his package (other than, of course,
> static linking, to make the comparison fair).

Looks to me like THREAD_LOCAL_ALLOC is the major culprit.  May I
suggest that you try hacking the following lines out of configure:  in
6.3-1, 3941-3944; or in 6.4-1, 3942-3945.  This will get you a build
with POSIX thread safety but no thread-local free lists (known to have
side effects that are a performance hit on uniprocessors).  Benchmark
with that, and see what proportion of the lost performance is

- Michael

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