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Re: depending on a customized library

On 5/18/05, Hubert Chan <hubert@uhoreg.ca> wrote:
> The configure flags for compiling libgc are: --disable-threads
> --disable-shared --enable-cplusplus (obviously with --disable-threads
> toggled for the different tests).  I'm also running on a
> single-processor machine.

Not a hyperthreaded Xeon, for instance?  Are you running a UP kernel
so that (kernel-level) spinlocks are no-ops?  Note also that the libgc
implementation of threading primitives on Linux was historically tied
pretty closely to linuxthreads, and parsed "cpu" lines out of
/proc/stat to find out whether to use UP or SMP tunings.  I haven't
looked at the current code yet, but you might want to make sure you
are compiling specifically for NPTL and do not have USE_SPIN_LOCK
defined (which forces the use of a libgc spinlock implementation that
loses on NPTL).

- Michael

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