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Re: Source package and kernel dependency

Lars Roland wrote on 16/04/2005 16:30:
> I do however have a question related to this: Should I make the
> package dependent on a kernel-image such as:
> kernel-image-2.6-386

Doing so doesn't help. Even if kernel-image-2.6-386 is installed, it
doesn't prove that kernel to be running. If your software depends on a
2.6 kernel to be running, state so in the description/documentation. If
the software generates a proper error message when run under a 2.4 (or
even older) kernel, you are done. If it doesn't, you should probably
write a wrapper script which checks the version of the running kernel
and exits with a proper error code and error message when not run under
a 2.6 kernel.
Depending on a specific kernel-image simply doesn't work. At least it
doesn't do what you think it does. I for one regularly switch back and
forth between various kernels, most are 2.6 kernels, but there are also
one or two 2.4 kernels. So even though I have kernel-image-2.6 (which is
a virtual package) installed, I don't necessarily use it all the time.

> Another possibility would just be to drop any dependency of a specific
> kernel image.

As I demonstrated above, that is the proper way to go. Don't forget that
some people use their own, manually compiled kernels.


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