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Re: RFS: albumshaper - a drag and drop photo album manager

On Sun, 2005-03-20 at 23:09 +0100, jano kupec wrote:
> i sent this mail four days ago accidentally only to Laszlo, sorry for
> that,
 Ups, sorry by me, because I haven't answered it yet.

> i realized that i don't need the script so i don't use it anymore.
 Ah, OK.

> However i see your point. But i'm still in doubt what about the
> debian/rules file - it is also non-executable after applying the patch
> to the original source - do we have to chmod it manually then?
 If you invoke patch 'by hand', then you won't get the executable flags.
But in the dpkg-dev package there's a binary to make it easier for you:
dpkg-source -x albumshaper_2.0-1.dsc
This will unpack the original source, apply the diff and set +x on

> > 3) I think you should build-depends on qt3-dev-tools and not only on
> >    the libs (as you need qmake from the former).
> i added it there, but i thought it shouldn't be necessary since the
> libqt3-mt-dev already depends on qt3-dev-tools, according to apt-cache
> show libqt3-mt-dev
 Yes, it shows that. I do not know why I haven't had qt3-dev-tools
installed then (I had to do it by hand in order to build your
package, even if libqt3-mt-dev was installed before). So it is my
mistake, but you can leave it there as is without any problem.

> > 4) You may set DH_COMPAT to 4.
> done
 My second problem: now lintian complains about it being set. :( Will
look into it soon.

I will look into your package more deeply when the time is not after
midnight. Sorry for my delay,
Ps: Do you know that upstream also put a .deb on their page but with
a greater version number than yours? Maybe that's done by you as well...

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