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Re: RFS: albumshaper - a drag and drop photo album manager


On Wed, 2005-03-16 at 00:44 +0100, jano kupec wrote:
> Album Shaper is a nice looking, drag and drop photo organizer, with
> simple GUI, based on Qt3 (KDE is not needed as stated in the wishlist
> bug report).
 Sounds good, but I haven't used it, but will try it.
> It is my first package, so i played a little with it to be linda/lintian
> clean and to see what's packaging all about, so there are three builds
> at the above location. I added "Closes: bug#277861" to the changelog of
> the third build.
 I have downloaded only the -3 release. There are minor problems:
1) The configure script does not have +x, so building the package
   fails almost immediately. You may repack the source with +x, but
   a chmod from rules would be better.
2) Please remove unneeded (comment) lines from rules.
3) I think you should build-depends on qt3-dev-tools and not only on
   the libs (as you need qmake from the former).
4) You may set DH_COMPAT to 4.

But I (others) have to look into it more deeply later as I am very
sleepy right now.

> I intend to maintain this package for a long time.
 As a Debian Developer lately or you need a sponsor for long then?


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