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Re: help with package restricted to specific arches

On Sun, Mar 20, 2005 at 06:37:08PM -0500, Richard C Bilson wrote:
> I maintan a source package, u++, which builds two packages:  u++, which
> is arch-specific, and u++-doc, which is arch-indep.  The u++ binary
> package can only be built on certain Debian architectures.
> The problem is that now I have a bug based on the fact that building
> the arch-specific package fails on the other, unsupported,
> architectures.  I've tried three or four different solutions, and
> nothing helps.  Currently, I've conditionalized my binary-arch target
> so that it does nothing on an unsupported arch, but then genchanges
> dies when it finds that nothing was built.

Have you set your Architecture: field to those arches your package can
actually build on?  That's the approved way of restricting your package to
certain arches, and it should be picked up by the autobuilders and get left

I'd encourage you to work on making the software build on all arches --
especially since it seems like it'd be useful in lots of situations. 
Contact the failing arches' mailing lists for help in porting.

- Matt

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