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Re: RFS: albumshaper - a drag and drop photo album manager


On Mon, 2005-03-21 at 00:59 +0100, Laszlo Boszormenyi wrote:
> > However i see your point. But i'm still in doubt what about the
> > debian/rules file - it is also non-executable after applying the patch
> > to the original source - do we have to chmod it manually then?
>  If you invoke patch 'by hand', then you won't get the executable flags.
> But in the dpkg-dev package there's a binary to make it easier for you:
> dpkg-source -x albumshaper_2.0-1.dsc
> This will unpack the original source, apply the diff and set +x on
> rules...

Thanks. I think I'll ask less such questions as i'll continue reading
docs at developer's corner :O)

> Ps: Do you know that upstream also put a .deb on their page but with
> a greater version number than yours? Maybe that's done by you as well...

Yes, that is my work. I agreed with the upstream author Will Stokes that
we would provide the .deb, altought it's an unofficial package. The
version number is my fault, consider the 2.0-1 to be actual. Is that ok?
We'll put there the official version there as soon as the package will
get official.


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