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Re: help with package restricted to specific arches


Richard C Bilson wrote:

> I maintan a source package, u++, which builds two packages:  u++, which
> is arch-specific, and u++-doc, which is arch-indep.  The u++ binary
> package can only be built on certain Debian architectures.
> The problem is that now I have a bug based on the fact that building
> the arch-specific package fails on the other, unsupported,
> architectures.  I've tried three or four different solutions, and
> nothing helps.  Currently, I've conditionalized my binary-arch target
> so that it does nothing on an unsupported arch, but then genchanges
> dies when it finds that nothing was built.

In addition to explicitly listing the set of supported architectures in
debian/control, you must also get your package listed in the
Packages-arch-specific file used by the buildds.  Here's a HOWTO I found
after a quick Google search:


The P-a-s maintainers mentioned in that file include LaMont Jones
<lamont@debian.org> and James Troup <james@nocrew.org> among others.

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