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help with package restricted to specific arches

I maintan a source package, u++, which builds two packages:  u++, which
is arch-specific, and u++-doc, which is arch-indep.  The u++ binary
package can only be built on certain Debian architectures.

The problem is that now I have a bug based on the fact that building
the arch-specific package fails on the other, unsupported,
architectures.  I've tried three or four different solutions, and
nothing helps.  Currently, I've conditionalized my binary-arch target
so that it does nothing on an unsupported arch, but then genchanges
dies when it finds that nothing was built.

Any and all help is appreciated,
Richard C. Bilson, Research Assistant   | School of Computer Science
rcbilson@plg.uwaterloo.ca               | University of Waterloo
http://plg.uwaterloo.ca/~rcbilson       | 200 University Avenue West
Office: DC 3548F Ph: (519)888-4567x4822 | Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA N2L 3G1

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