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Re: subscribe

Geert Stappers wrote:
> > [automating off-list replies to subscribe messages]

That is a technical solution.
It forgets that is has to deal with people.

My approach is to simple ignore subscribe request to mailing lists.
When the potential new subscriber doesn't understand how to subscriber
to proper way, then I don't wanna have then on the mailinglist.
Yes, that sounds harsh. But rewarding stupid things is very stupid.

If the idea of mailinglists is (at least partly) to educate people, then
education should not be demanded for entry.

When I see unsubscribe requests on a ML, then I reply off-list.

This solution saves you the trouble of doing so, as the list will do so
by itself.  Aren't computers convenient? ;-)

The whole idea is that when you say "Don't touch it, it is HOT!"
there will allways some who _have_ to try.

I don't see the problem.  If the system works, noone gets annoyed by
people trying it.

Bas Wijnen

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