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Re: Open ITP without apparent work on it

Hallo Shachar,

* Shachar Shemesh <debian@shemesh.biz> [2005-03-16 15:06]:
> Bug #269329 is an ITP for Open Xchange - the Suse server gone GPL. It's 
> open since 31 Aug 2004, with a couple of people asking whether the 
> original submitter is intending to release, but without any actual work 
> done.
> My question is this - if I package the software myself, can I just submit 
> it and close the bug? Or is it considered rude to just close someone 
> else's ITP?

Dont hijack ITP's. I think the best thing is to drop the
original sender of the ITP a short message that you are also
interrested in packaging this program. If he will not reply
then ask on -devel :)
Regards Nico

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