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Re: Patching the upstream sources, and the debian diff

El Jueves, 30 de Diciembre de 2004 10:39, martin f krafft escribió:
> also sprach Alejandro Exojo <suy@badopi.org> [2004.12.30.1031 +0100]:
> > > Ideally, "source" packages would contain only true man-written
> > > sources.  If your diff is big because generated files are being
> > > changed, then have ./debian/rules:clean target remove them.  Then,
> > > dpkg-buildpackage will warn "file deleted", but that's okay.
> >
> > OK.
> This will not decrease the size of the source package, since
> whatever you delete in the clean target will not remove the files
> from the .orig.tar.gz file.

Yes, but what I wanted, is remove the generated files from the diff.gz, 
because they will be generated again at build time.

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