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Re: Patching the upstream sources, and the debian diff

El Lunes, 27 de Diciembre de 2004 03:29, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh escribió:
> There is no "proper" way. You have two good choices, and one bad choice
> IMHO (and I do have a lot of experience on this :P):
>   2. Patch the autotools files (*.in, *.am) at build time, make sure all
> the build dependencies are 100% correct (hint: conflicting with
>      autoconf2.13 is *always* a good idea if you're not using autoconf 2.13
>      and automake 1.4).  This means that the autobuilders will have to
> rerun the entire thing, and so will the users, etc.

I finally did 2. If the source package is generated in the first run of 
dpkg-buildpackage, Makefile.ins are not included because they don't change 
(the unpatching, doesn't modifies them, because are freshly unpacked).

> Linda and lintian can only do so much.  Have a look on AM_MAINTAINER_MODE,
> btw.  And read that README.Debian from autotools-dev ;-)

I've already read that README some time ago, but after a recent reread, some 
things are more clear now. ;-)

Thanks a lot.

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