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Re: Fourth RFS: cnet, a network simulator

On Thu, Dec 23, 2004 at 12:22:07AM +0100, Jose Manuel Delgado Mendinueta wrote:
> this is the fourth RFS for my cnet package. It's a graphical

I think by now we've established that none of the regular sponsors here on
d-mentors appear to have the time or the inclination to sponsor your package
at the moment.  It's time to look elsewhere for sponsorship.

Are there any Debian lists where your package might be considered "in the
niche" for that list?  It's entirely possible that a DD on that/those
list(s) might be interested in sponsoring just this package into the

Since you're not in NM, you can't ask your AM to sponsor your package, but
if you get to that stage and still haven't found a sponsor, then you can do
that, too.

Do you know of any DDs located at your educational institution, either as
student or staff member?  You may be able to get them to sponsor the package
for you, either through altruism or other means.

Do you know any DDs personally, say through a local LUG, past social
engagements, or even just a DD that you talk to socially through e-mail or
IRC?  It's a lot harder to turn down a sponsorship request made to you
personally by someone you know socially.  (Experience talking here).

In short, d-mentors is by far not the only place to get a sponsor (and it
probably isn't even the most successful way to get a sponsor, by my

- Matt

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