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RFS: metar - A METAR downloader/decoder


I am looking for a sponsor for my Metar package. 

 Metar is a small utility that will download meteorological reports for
 aviation from the NOAA FTP server at weather.noaa.gov and optionally decodes
 them into a human readable form.
 This package is particularly useful is you want to quickly find out what the
 weather is like in places all over the world and you do not need fancy GUIs.

Information about the package can be found at http://www.leune.org/metar/,
including packaged versions of the software.

ITP has been filed and can be found in BTS under # 286200.

NOTE: I am currently in the process of becoming a developer myself; P&P has
been passed and I am waiting for my application manager to finish the Account
Manager report. When my application process is complete, I will be able to do
my own uploads from then on.

Thank you in advance,

Kees Leune

Kees Leune <kees@leune.org>

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