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Introducing myself and my package


This is the 1st time I write to this list, so I guess
I should introduce myself. My name is Miriam, I'm from
Spain, and, even though I've been using Debian for
some time, I've recently started to try to make my own

One of them is almost finished. It's called
xdesktopwaves, and its upstream web page is
http://xdesktopwaves.sourceforge.net/. It's a pure X11
toy that draws moving water waves in the desktop. You
can see some screenshots in that page. xdesktopwaves
is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

I've checked the package both with lintian and linda
and none of them complains. If anybody's interested,
I'd be glad to listen to suggestions. As it is
obvious, I cannot upload it to Debian repositories by
myself. I'm quite happy with the result, but even if
it might not be perfect, I've done it with lots of
love and care.

I've used yada to make it, because my previous two
packages were done with debhelper and I wanted to try
something different to be able to compare.

In case you're interested, you can get the package
from  https://baby.yi.org:8000/debian/xdesktopwaves/


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